Paul Chapple ...Jay

Jay Chapple ... Founder/CEO

Born in 1972 and raised in Hamilton Ontario Canada by a loving family rich in native history, Jay found his calling at an early age.  Now well over 20 years investigating the paranormal, it seems it's in his blood.  Married with five girls, his heart is at home yet his passion is in the field hunting and investigating.  When he first started out, he admits he was young, dumb and a complete skeptic until one night during an investigation changed his life and way of thinking forever.  Now, today, after many years and several hundred cases under his belt, he has a new understanding and respect for the paranormal.  He says " you gotta still be somewhat of a skeptic in every investigation we do today, but my mind, body and soul are more open then it was over twenty some odd years ago.  And it's not only about understanding the other side but I love helping people in need of comfort within answers when they are dealing with the paranormal."


Heather ... Hamilton Seekers division COO

My name is Heather and I have been investigating the paranormal for 10 years
now.  On my first investigation with Jay, I had an experience that I'll never
forget.  We were at the Hermitage Ruin site in Ancaster Ontario and as I was
walking up to the ruins, someone whispered in my ear.  I thought it was Jay
saying something to me but when I asked him to repeat himself, he looked at
me like I had two heads.  He didn't say a word.  Continuing to walk I heard it
again. This time, closer to me and much clearer. I heard the name "WILLIAM"!
I should mention that I had just recently moved to Hamilton and had never seen or heard of the ruins.  This started my interest and my drive to know whats really lurking behind us.


Chico Bartlett ... Brantford  Seekers divisions  COO

I've been researching the paranormal since I was 10 yrs old and have been doing in depth researching and investigating since 2008.  What got me intrigued with the paranormal was shortly after my grandpa passed away.  I'd seen him walking down the street that I used to  live on.  My goal is to help others with paranormal problems and get the answers they need and the answers I have been looking for all my life.  Like what happens to us after we die?  Where do we go? 

Jeff Campbell ... Investigator 

I have been researching the unknown for many years now. I started my research shortly after moving into an old farm house, where I experienced my first sighting of a ghostly entity. Ever sense then I have done everything in my power to find answers to so many questions I have.As a young boy, I have been obsessed with monsters, UFO's, and everything in between . I studied Oceanography, Zoology, and have my degree in Cryptozoology, and Ufology. I will dedicate my life to finding answers to the worlds mysteries.


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